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B.S./B.A. in Biology

Explore the many facets of biology with a B.A. or B.S. degree.

Students working toward an undergraduate biology degree may select lecture, laboratory, and seminar courses in the various fields of biology. Biology courses offered include topics such as anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, biotechnology, cell biology, ecology, evolution, genetics, marine biology, microbiology and molecular biology.

B.S. in Biology

The B.S. in Biology curriculum provides a rigorous foundation in biology and related areas of science and mathematics, and is recommended for students who plan to continue on to graduate school in biology or to professional schools in the health sciences (e.g., medicine, dentistry and optometry).

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B.A. in Biology

The B.A. in Biology curriculum offers more flexibility in meeting the non-biology requirements and is especially recommended for students with significant course requirements in other programs—such as Honors College, Levermore Global Scholars and STEP—or additional interests in corollary sciences (e.g., chemistry, environmental studies, physics, mathematics).

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These biology degree programs develop students’ ability to analyze data, think scientifically, and understand the experimental basis of current biological knowledge. Special emphasis is placed on laboratory and field training, so that students studying for a degree in biology gain experience performing experiments themselves using a variety of techniques and scientific instruments.

To further develop their research skills and to explore a topic in depth, undergraduates and master’s degree students have many opportunities to assist with faculty research in the labs and in the field for credit or as volunteers. Student research reflects the faculty’s diverse experience which spans the biological sciences.

For both the B.A. and B.S., special advising is provided for students preparing for the medical and other health professions.


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